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Holubice has finally arrived

Summer is upon us and MajooouMap comes with a new update called 2.7.7! What does he come with this time?

Holubice as a new target route

The village of Holubice has been in MajooouMap for a few months now, but until now it was only driven by the highway and there were no companies to drive to. But that changes with the 2.7.7 update.

And they change it mostly in a way… A total of 10 new companies have been added to Holubice, including the newly built GLP Park, as well as a new garage with service.

This is an important expansion, considering the future development of the map.

Rework between Starý Mesto and Zlechov

The section between Old Town and Zlechov was closed in the last update. It is now passable and has undergone only one rework. This part of the map is newly named “Staré Město – Nad Olším”, these are two industrial areas that will cross the D55 highway, and we will find a total of five new companies here. This rework also applies to the Demo version of the map.

Bonus mods

In addition to the map itself, both bonus modifications are also updated. MajHardEconomy 2.5 changes our economy to be more realistic/much harder and is suitable for an advanced player. In the modification manager, rank it ABOVE the other MajooouMap files.

MajSkinPack 1.8 adds a few skins for SCS tractors and semi-trailers, but above all you get compatibility with the Renault Clio V modification from trzpro, for which it brings delivery company stickers, racing stickers and more.

Thank you very much to everyone for your support, I hope you like the news and I hope you will continue to like the unique MajooouMap project.


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