MajooouMap - Official

MajooouMap - Official

And do you have a tank?

A little unexpected, but here they are. Both the new MajooouMap 2.7.2 Gold and Demo updates arrived earlier than planned this time, thanks to a compatibility bug with the game itself.

Version GOLD 2.7.2 both fixes bugs and also brings an interesting function that was not here before. You can now deliver fuel to gas stations on MajooouMap. But not just any fuel! Specific fuels characteristic for specific gas stations need to be transported to each individual gas stations! If you have your own tank, don’t forget to also use the skins from the MajSkinPack modification and enjoy delivering the characteristic fuels.
Apart from fuel, however, two additional cargos have also been added – AdBlue and MajMap Box, for which you will receive a very attractive financial reward. So a total of 40 new cargos were added.

Napajedla – industrial zone and Otrokovice PSG
We must not forget the newly reconstructed industrial zone in Napajedla. There is almost nothing left of the original form, a lot of new real companies have been created and you can deliver directly to the interior spaces, among other things. Adjacent to the Napajedel industrial zone is the PSG complex in Otrokovice, which has also been completely renovated.

The latest news is compatibility with cargos for the modification of the Goldhofer trailer by Jazzycat.

Thank you very much to everyone for your support, I hope you like the news and I hope you will continue to be fans of the unique MajooouMap project.


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