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MajooouMap - Official

Time to circle

The moment we’ve all been waiting for… IT’S HERE!
No more riding to one end and back again, or to another end and back again. The MajooouMap GOLD 2.7 update brings the last necessary piece of the map puzzle, creating a map “circle”, or a triangle if you will, made up of the D1 highway and the E50 and I/55 (D55) roads, thanks to which we can circle around on the map.

Motorway D1 (Exit 210 – 230)
Gold 2.7 newly adds to the map a 20-kilometer stretch of the D1 highway from Holubice to Vyškov, or from Exit 210 to Exit 230. The entire section is processed (as is customary) with the highest emphasis on quality and realistic accuracy. However, we will not yet have many delivery points on this new section, because the priority was to build a highway, as a connection between the individual ends of the map, and thus cargo can only be delivered to two places near Rousínov (Exit 216) and one near Vyškov.
From Exit 210, the highway is still connected to the old section of the map by a three-kilometer section of the E50 road.

New delivery locations
But since less than 25 km of roads and highways and only three delivery points seem insufficient for such a long-awaited update, I decided to spice it up with something. Something that may come to many in the end as an even better news than the actual completion of the map circuit.
About 30 new delivery locations have been created throughout MajooouMap, and not just any. These are “custom” places, which means that we are leaving the classic well-known limited companies and moving into a free space. You can thus unload fuel at gas stations, vehicles at car dealerships, food at supermarkets or load logs in forests and straw bales in fields, etc. It must be added that in many cases it will also be necessary to demonstrate good driving skills during delivery.
Most of our own real companies have also had their costs adjusted so that the whole issue makes sense – adjustments will continue for the remaining companies.
For those who drive a Fiat Ducato (modification from Virtual Service – recommended by MajooouMap) costs for transporting cars to custom companies have been added. Cars can now be transported primarily between individual car dealerships, but also elsewhere.

What next?
In the end, there is really a lot of news. Personally, I’m excited that the map circuit is finally here. It took more than seven years from the start of creation, and now I consider it the fulfillment of my authorial goal.
Don’t worry, of course, the creation of the map will continue according to the previously published plan, but with regard to the economic side of the project in particular, I will no longer rush to create it as much as it was until now.
After the New Year, the plan is to complete the already started creation of the logistics park near Holubice, Rousínov and Vyškov first. Subsequently, MajooouMap will be enriched by the new D55 highway. Gradually, more “custom places” will be added in free space and the issue of cargo delivery will be adjusted.

Thank you very much to everyone for your support, I hope you like the news and I hope you will continue to be fans of the unique MajooouMap project.


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