Holubice has finally arrived

Summer is upon us and MajooouMap comes with a new update called 2.7.7! What does he come with this time? Holubice as a new target route The village of Holubice has been in MajooouMap for a few months now, but until now it was only driven by the highway and there were no companies to […]

And do you have a tank?

A little unexpected, but here they are. Both the new MajooouMap 2.7.2 Gold and Demo updates arrived earlier than planned this time, thanks to a compatibility bug with the game itself. Version GOLD 2.7.2 both fixes bugs and also brings an interesting function that was not here before. You can now deliver fuel to gas […]

Time to circle

The moment we’ve all been waiting for… IT’S HERE!No more riding to one end and back again, or to another end and back again. The MajooouMap GOLD 2.7 update brings the last necessary piece of the map puzzle, creating a map “circle”, or a triangle if you will, made up of the D1 highway and […]

Ready to connect

I will repeat myself when I write that this year’s goal is to connect the two ends of the map using the D1 highway and thus create a circle, thanks to which we will be able to circle on MajooouMap until hallelujah. There is hardly anyone who does not look forward to this completion. However, […]

The future of MajooouMap

Towards the end of this year, MajooouMap will reach one big milestone. The connection of the map from Slavkov u Brno to Hulín, using the D1 highway, is almost complete, and this also completes one big chapter of this project. More than seven years ago, as the author of the fledgling MajooouMap project, I didn’t […]

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